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  • Soybean Doc or meal is a byproduct of a residual substance obtained by the grinding of soybean for extracting oil. The meal is widely used as a protein supplement and filler in animal diets namely; horse, sheep, cattle, pigs, fish, and chicken. The Soya Bean De-Oiled Cakes are rich in natural nutrients and are used widely for feeding purposes. There are basically two categories of Soya meals or DOC: the Hipro (high-protein 50+) soya meal and the regular soya meal (with less protein content than the former 46+).

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    As soyabean meal is obtained after the extraction of soyabean oil from the soyabean seeds. It undergoes several processes which result in different products. Soybean meal is highly marketed and is an in-demand product due to its crude protein content. The high-protein meals are obtained from dehulled seeds that contain 47-49% protein and 3% crude fiber. Other types of soyabean meals include the hulls which contain less than 47% protein content and more than 6% of crude fiber. The protein content, fiber, and fat levels in a product, all depend on the process by which oil is extracted. The oil content in solvent-extracted meals is typically lower than 2% while it is more than 3% in mechanically-extracted meals

    Contains 48% Proteins

    Contains below 1% SS

    Contains 5% Fibre

    Good source of energy

    Rich in protein

    Contains less fat

    Low on moisture (11%)

    Free from harmful adulterants

    Reasonable prices

    Assured quality

    Hygienic packaging

    Highly nutritious

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