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Groundnut DOC


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  • Groundnut Doc or meal is nothing but a byproduct obtained when groundnut seeds are processed for oil. Although they are mostly used for poultry and aqua feeds, they can quite easily serve as a supplement for all sorts of livestock. Groundnut meal stands 6th in the list of most common oil meals in the world after; soybean meal, rapeseed meal, sunflower meal, cottonseed meal, and palm kernel meal. The meal is considered a top-quality feed because of its rich protein and low fiber content and serves as the perfect alternative (for a high-protein source) to soybean meal where the latter is too expensive or just plain unavailable.

    India and China are the top groundnut-producing nations in Asia followed by a string of other countries such as; Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. Africa, the USA, Argentina, Brazil, and Europe are also important Ground nut-producing countries in the world map.

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    Oil and Albuminoids (combined profat) 45% Max.

    Moisture 10% Max.

    Sand/Silica 2.5% Max.

    Fibre (Accpt. upto 16%, rebate 1:1) 14.00% Max.

    Aflatoxin 100 PPB Max.

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